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Bamboo Fiber Synthetic Leather

synthetic leather has been around for several decades since it was born in Italy, and was later introduced to China. Now synthetic leather has been widely used in the fields of shoe-making, cases and bags, sofa, garment and packaging. With synthetic leather’s birth and development,  people’s dependency on  real leather has been greatly reduced.

Synthetic leather can be divided into PU and PVC these two different technologies. Due to more ECO, PU has been put in more fields. PU synthetic leather is mainly consisted of resin and base cloth by chemical reaction. The current base cloth is textured by cotton, polyester and mucilage glue .after long time researching on base cloth, our company propose a great idea on it, and cooperate with our supplier to successfully develop non woven base with 100% bamboo fiber, to use this environmentally friendly and natural antimicrobial product in the leather industry to advantages of nature.  our company is the first company in China ,even in the world.

The use of synthetic leather in the shoe making industry: synthetic leather can be applied in the upper and lining. The traditional base cloth is made of cotton and polyester etc. such raw material due to age can not be used after a few years, and the texture of cotton and polyester is not degradable, finally, it will bring some impact on the environment. When we produce and sell our items, the customers have requested the lining item to include the function of air permeability and antibacterial. When we adjust the formula of PU resin and production procedure, we also did a research on the fiber with the better function than cotton and polyester, and bamboo fiber is the one we want.

Bamboo fiber is finally woven by the fiber processed by pulp that has been refined through base hydrolysis and bleach, which apply the new fresh and strong bamboo of 2 or 3 years through the bamboo paste boiled with high temperature and extracted the fiber to make it to be cotton style. With increased demands of fiber items and worst shortage of chemical raw material that cause people to over develop their living environment resource, we actually require a revival and recyclable natural material instead of the chemical material that can prevent polluting the environment and which  is nature friendly, and can be reborn and eco-environment and help our human live healthily and develop .

The bamboo fabric has great ductility and flexibleness, which is natural eco material. It has preserved the functions of antibacterial, acarus killing, clearing away heat and toxic material, and faint scent. With great breathbility, hygroscopicity, special resiliency and absorbency, it has been called “the breath ecological fiber”. Under 2000 times electron microscope, the cross section of bamboo fabric is waving deformation, and there are a lot of oval holes with great hollow and capillary effect, which can absorb and evaporate the water immediately. The hygroscopicity and air permeability of bamboo fabric is the best one among all the natural fabrics. Under the conditions of 36°C and 100% relative humidity (RH), the moisture regain of bamboo fabric is more than 45%, the air permeability is 3.5 times better than cotton’s .

Bamboo fabric contains a piece of antibacterial material called “Zhu Kun”, which has the functions of nature antibacterial, acarus killing, deodorant. The bamboo juice (bamboo vinegar) has extensive antimicrobial function, and the chlorophyll and sodium copper chlorophyllin possess better deodorization. After being inspected by the biggest inspection certification authority SGS, they have checked the bamboo fabric’s bacterinertness by the modern scientific method, and verified the rate of inhibiting bacteria of bamboo fabric can come to around 95% in 24hours.

When the bamboo fabric is used in the synthetic leather, it still maintains its natural fabric functions that can satisfy the shoemaking industry’s requirement of soft, permeadibility and moisture-absorbing, and if the shoes are made of this bamboo fabric, they shall have the nature antibacterial effect while other fabric base can not possess that function. Meanwhile, the lining and vamp that are made from bamboo fabric, eventually can be degraded into juice, which has no pollution to the environment .It is a real environmental protection, low-carbon (LC) item, and it is also an innovation to the whole synthetic leather industry.

We have tested it many times, and found that the bamboo fabric synthetic leather is fit for 2 production methods: coating method, (for vamp and garment), and  osmose process (for lining ). 1. Coating method is to impregnate the base in finite concentration PU first ,and then embosss and dry it by cylinder( there is still few PU resin left on the bamboo fabric ,which make the backside feel like derm.) After being dried by high temperature cylinder, we coat the even thickness PU resin on it, and later impregnate or  wash the bamboo fabric base which contains PU resin many times, finally squash and dry it to be bamboo fabric synthetic leather.

It is seldom to use Osmose process since it is more difficult to control than the previous one, we seldom use this method in China, while it is used frequently in Italy. The osmose process is to put the PU resin onto the bamboo fabric by the air pump as per the certain stick, and the chemical material will permeate its back ,which take the bamboo fabric to be immersed by PU resin, and the latter process is the same as previous one that impregnate and impregnate or  wash the bamboo fabric base which contains PU resin many times, finally squash and dry it to be bamboo fabric synthetic leather. When the base’s back and surface has been polished, the hand feeling is better and it will looks like derm .

Due to the feature of bamboo fabric, its strength is still not so ideal. But, bamboo fabric synthetic leather has met every test requirements for using in lining products. Refering to the vamp and other usage, we can properly add certain ratio of nylon to increase its strength to satisfy the eventually strength demand of bamboo fabric.

It is more low-carbon (LC) and environment protection to employ the bamboo fabric in leather industry ,which help reduce pollution  and open a real green ,ECO, and low carbon door for exporting our Chinese synthetic leather items.

It is the bamboo fabric synthetic leather which can be impregnated and first- coating, the top part is PU , and the bottom is main fabric base ,the PU resin is  interweaved with the bamboo fabric ,which is no delamination and are entia. The bottom bamboo also contains PU.

it is main fabric synthetic leather by osmose process. PU permeates the main fabric base to be involved by the bamboo fabric.

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